Common Reasons Green Card Applications Are Denied

A green card denial can be devastating, whether you are applying because of your employment status or your family status. It can upend your dreams, set you back in achieving your goals, and leave you feeling helpless. If this has happened to you, don’t give up. You have options. Learn more about why green card applications might be denied, and to discuss your case in greater detail, contact Garmo Group at 619-441-2500 to schedule your consultation.

Criminal Background

If you have serious crimes on your criminal record, it is highly likely that your green card application will be denied. Your green card application could also be denied if it could be argued that you intend to come to the United States to commit crimes. Crimes of moral turpitude are the main offenses that make applicants inadmissible. If you indicate that you have committed one of these crimes, fail to provide a suitable explanation, don’t fall into the qualifying exceptions, provide evidence that you qualify for a waiver, then you may be found inadmissible.

Health Concerns

While the United States strives to strengthen the country and improve lives through immigration, it also must consider the public health of the nation. Because of this, you must undergo a medical exam with a qualified civil surgeon and have them fill out the necessary form to with your application. If you have a communicable disease that is of public health significance, do not have the proper vaccines or fail to provide the paperwork for them,  and do not qualify for a waiver or an exception, then you may be found inadmissible. Certain physical and mental disorders and behavior associated with said disorder that my pose or has posed a threat in the past, may also lead to inadmissibility.

Security Issues

The United States government takes national security very seriously. As such, certain activity that is seen as violating laws of the US in relation to national security will lead to possible inadmissibility. There are exceptions based on the type of application you are submitting, however, you need to be certain that you meet all the requirements to fall into the exceptions. Please note that there are very high standards to meet the qualifying exceptions.

Public Charge

Any applicant who, at the time the application is processed, is determined to likely become a public charge at any time will be considered inadmissible. Public charge essentially means that there is a chance in the future that you will be dependent on specific types of government assistance. There are many factors that will go into determining whether an applicant is considered a public charge, from age and health, to family status, and education. The type of application you file will determine how large a factor, public charge is when determining an outcome on your case. Certain applications qualify under special rules or exceptions when it comes to public charge, but that is on a case-by-case basis.

Previous Immigration Violations

Existing Immigration violations also put you at serious risk of being barred from any kind of immigration benefit. Overstaying a visa, not attending removal proceedings, violating a previous visa, re-entering after a removal or deportation order has been issued, or entering without inspection can all affect your chances of qualifying for lawful permanent residence. These issues can make an applicant inadmissible and make it extremely difficult for them to get any kind of status in the United States, including lawful permanent residence.

Failure to Provide Documents or Attend Appointments

The immigration process is long, complex, and restrictive. Proper documentation and forms need to be submitted at every step to increase an applicant’s chances of truly being considered for lawful permanent residence. Submitting incomplete forms, insufficient documentation, or failing to disclose vital information can end an applicant’s hopes of receiving a green card before they have even finished the application process. It is important to be well informed about your options, possible complications or issues that you may have before submitting the applications. Otherwise, the process can get longer and more complicated.

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